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Whole Milk Fortifier - Nutrition & Protection In One
Plus MicroBan with Fructose-Oligosaccharides (FOS) & Pro-Active
A concentrated supplement for fresh and hospital milk  

Calves require higher levels of vitamins and minerals for optimum health and performance than are found in whole milk.  Dyna-Milk supplement improves nutrient quality and consistency of whole milk to "make milk whole."  

Formulated with SQM minerals and optimum levels of vitamins for best economical performance.  

Plus Dyna-Milk is fortified with Pro-Active 250D Direct-Fed Microbials and MicroBan egg-derived antibodies with FOS shown to help protect calves and block K-99 E. coli disease process in cattle. 

Dyna-Milk helps promote growth, immune system function, rumen function, improved appetite and digestion.  In many ways, Dyna-Milk plus whole milk are more cost-effective than Milk Replacer.

First Nurse

Complete Calf Nutrition  
With Dried Colostrum, MicroBan & Pro-Active 250D

A supplemental source of Colostrum, Antibodies and Naturally Occurring Microbials.  Provides essential proteins, fats, vitamins, trace minerals, energy and appetite stimulants, to improve performance and well-being in newborn calves that have not received colostrum and/or calves that have received only a limited amount of colostrum.  First Nurse also includes MicroBan Egg-Derived Antibodies, and Pro-Active 250D Direct Fed Microbials, to help protect young calves block K-99 E. coli disease  and help improve feed efficiency and performance.
Pro-Active 250D

Direct-Fed Microbials / Live Active Cultures
250 Million Colony Forming Units per Gram 

Naturally occurring microorganisms including Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus casei, and Saccaromyces cerevisiae live cell yeast.  These viable DFM have been shown to help improve feed intake, especially during adverse conditions, and enhance nutrient bioavailability, digestion, feed efficiency, weight gain, milk production, and naturally boost the immature immune system.  Studies have shown these DFM can reduce the presence of E. coli 0157:h7 in live cattle by as much as 50%, according to researchers at Texas Tech University and others.  A common hypothesis of how DFM improve performance suggests the addition of beneficial bacteria exclude the establishment of pathogens which might rob nutrients and absorption sites on the intestinal wall.
Iron Supplement 300 mg SQM Organic Iron per fl oz

Organic Iron Complex.  Unsurpassed bioavailability with no copper, other nutrients or animal protein products.  This economical supplement contains 300 mg iron per fluid oz.
Antibiotic Medication Packs for 
Livestock Feed Manufacturers.  
Our standard pack contains 3.5 g/lb of Oxytetracycline and 7.0 g/lb of Neo for use in dispersible premixes for calf milk replacers.  

Custom drug blending to your specifications also available.  
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