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Professional Calf Ranch Milk Replacer with DynaMix Premix
Significantly Increase Avg. Daily Gain & Improve Feed Efficiency 

For Low Cost of Gain

Quantity, Quality & Technology
Surprisingly, 8 oz of typical milk replacer dry powder per feeding barely provides calves (100 lb body weight) with enough energy to meet their maintenance requirements. Calves fed below maintenance requirements experience greater morbidity, higher mortality and thymus gland atrophy versus calves fed adequate amounts of nutrients.  Immune system response is impaired as one would expect, since the thymus gland is an important immune system component.

First Few Weeks Most Critical
Nature intended calves to consume more than 8 oz of dry matter, provided that the composition is balanced and easily digestible.  Research has shown that baby Holstein calves allowed to nurse their dams will nurse 6 to 10 times daily and consume 2 to 3 lb dry milk solids per day while gaining 2.1 to 3 lb per day (Hafez and Lineweaver, 1968).  Newborn calves should receive 2 to 4 quarts of high quality colostrum within 30 minutes of birth and 4 to 6 quarts within the first 24 hours.  Colostrum contains about twice as much solids as milk or milk replacer, meaning that a calf which  consumes 4 quarts of colostrum consumes the equivalent of 34 oz of dry matter during the first day of life!
New Ideas - Better Performance
The recent research conducted at Cornell University, the University of Illinois, and others have reexamined nutrient requirements of young calves with the goal of improving health and performance.  This research clearly shows that the amount of Milk Replacer fed to the calf determines the potential growth rate and determines the nutrients required by the calf to sustain growth and performance.  
Better Nutrition, Better Results, Better Value,  & Easier to Use Than Traditional or Accelerated Milk Replacers
Professional Calf Ranch
Milk Replacer
Professional Calf Ranch
Milk Replacer
Goals of Professional Calf Ranch
Milk Replacer Program
Professional Calf Ranch™ Milk Replacer is designed to sustain a growth rate of 1.5 lb per day, encourage dry starter feed intake, and provide economical and healthful growth, even under stressful or adverse conditions.  

To meet this level of performance, a Milk Replacer needs to:

The blend of tallow, lard, and coconut oil we use provides balanced fatty acids and improved digestibility.  
Rehydration Solution and Electrolytes

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Nutrior Superior Soluble Wheat Protein

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