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Solutions Through Science

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Designed With Dextrose, Salts, Betaine, Biotin,Vitamin E, B-Vitamins, Metabolizable Bases, & No Sodium Bicarbonate...
To Counter Weight Loss, Degraded Meat Quality, Impaired Well Being, & Other Negative Effects of Scours, Shipping & Heat Stress

Dextrose (Glucose)
- Directs water to blood and tissue via supplemental Glucose   
  transport channel.
- For pigs not in a severely scoured state, dextrose is an excellent  
  conductor of water into the blood.
- Provides fast supply of energy.

Electrolyte Salts - Sodium, Chloride, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Sulfate & Phosphate
- Maintain fluid and pH equilibrium in the blood to help prevent            dehydration and acidosis
- Replace lost electrolytes which facilitate water absorption for digestion   and balance
- Help maintain blood volume and restore body fluid pool

Metabolizable Base (Acid Neutralizer) - Citrate
- Helps neutralize metabolic acidosis caused by fluid loss
- Helps increase water absorption
- Balances blood pH for overall wellness
- Won't interfere with milk protein digestion like sodium bicarbonate
- Helps maintain muscle fitness and tissue development

B-Vitamins - Pyridoxine, Riboflavin, Thiamin, Panothenic Acid, Biotin, Folic Acid & Niacin
- Co-factors in metabolism, improve efficiency of feed utilization
- Replenishes nutrients lost during scours and dehydration
- Need for B-Vitamins increases during times of stress.

Osmotic Protector - Betaine
- Promotes moisture retention in tissue cells and blood
- Reserach shows reduced scours in veal calves fed betaine

Palatable, Digestible & Economical
-Includes enticing real milk flavor for appetite appeal
- Motivates calves to consume their vital water requirments
- Economical enough for group treatment 

Why Use PrimeTime vs Other Electrolytes

Sodium Bicarbonate Interferes with Milk Digestion & Calf Performance

Electrolytes that contain sodium bicarbonate help neutralize acidosis but interfere with milk digestion. Because of this interference, milk must be withheld from pigs. When milk is withheld, pigs lose weight, and the thymus gland (critical for immune system function) degenerates. As a result, development can be retarded for the whole growing period. PrimeTime does not contain sodium bicarbonate and does not interfere with milk digestion.

Standard Dextrose-Based Solutions Often Cause 
“Osmotic Penalty” -- The Unfavorable Flow Of Water Into The Intestine

In an automatic process known as osmosis, the systems of the body seek to achieve equilibrium of concentrations of solutes (particles like salt and sugar) in solvents (blood in this case). Very high concentration of dextrose in the intestines (gut) may actually cause water to flow unfavorably from the blood, to the gut, in an attempt to dilute the dextrose to a level more similar to that of the blood. This unfavorable direction of water flow, due to high concentration of dextrose in the intestines is called osmotic penalty. Athletes who drink high sugar drinks during or after exercise sometimes experience light headedness or fainting. They are experiencing osmotic penalty. Water flows unfavorably from the blood to the gut, to dilute the relatively high concentration of sugar that is waiting in the gut, to cross the gut wall into the blood.
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PrimeTime For Swine
Nutrient Product

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For Receiving Pigs: PrimeTime provides the rehydration, nutrition, electrolyte replacement and energy that young piglets need for a good start.

Prior To Shipping Calves:  PrimeTime creates a "reservoir" of fluid, nutrients and energy which pigs can draw upon to reduce tissue shrinkage.

In Hot Weather: PrimeTime provides vital fluid for respiration and transpiration to keep pace with body cooling.  Water intake dramatically increases when temperatures rise above 75 degrees F.  

Feed 1-2 gallons of cool PrimeTime per day between feedings. 
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