Nouriche Nutrition Research & Advisory Board


The Nouriche Nutrition Research & Advisory (R & A) Board formed in July, 2002. Members of the Board bring a vast depth of experience in research with calves from basic research to applied research and extension outreach.


The Nouriche Nutrition R & A Board includes preeminent scientists from six U.S. universities:


  • Dr. Jim Drackley (University of Illinois),


  • Dr. Hugh Chester-Jones (University of Minnesota)


  • Dr. Bill Henning (Pennsylvania State University),


  • Dr. Bob James (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University),


  • Dr. Howard Tyler (Iowa State University), and


  • Dr. Mike Van Amburgh (Cornell University).


Chairman of the Nouriche R & A Board is Dr. Drew A. Vermeire of Nouriche Nutrition. Dr. Vermeire is also Chairman of the International Committee for Veal Welfare.


Also participating is Dr. Wayne Brommelsiek, Director of Nutrition with Quali Tech, Inc.

Research & Advisory Mission

The mission of the Research Board is to pool resources and quickly bring new nutritional breakthroughs, technologies and information from leading agricultural university research to Nouriche Nutrition products.


The Board also serves as a highly qualified resource, ready to answer calf producers' important questions. We encourage Nouriche Nutrition customers and other calf producers to contact us with questions and problems so that we can help you implement cost effective solutions.


The Board has identified three highest priority research goals, for actionable progress in management and nutrition of replacement heifers, veal and dairy beef calves.


Highest priorities include:


1) Defining nutrient reqirements for amino acids, vitamins and minerals at various rates of growth;

2) Developing new sources of nutrients, developing feeding strategies for improved body composition and increasing life-time productivity.

3) Members will also conduct research involving the development of new Nouriche products and improvements in existing products.


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